Running is my favourite kind of therapy

Since 2012 I have been a regular runner. Realizing it has some awesome benefits. Now, it’s my go-to way to get off-screen and experience nature. I have been consistently running for some years, here are my top 3 benefits of running.
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Why I run

1. Enjoy the outdoors

Being a designer means being in front of a screen almost all day. I love design, but I also love getting away from my laptop. Running is a perfect way to go outdoors.

It is there, outside, that I find most of my inspiration. Clearing my head, creating headspace, reviewing the day, while breathing in some fresh air. It also helps me to stop procrastinating and overthinking, which is a big plus.

“Running literally keeps me moving forward on all physical and mental levels!”

2. Level-up geographical skills

Sometimes you encounter the most interesting places when you get lost. I used to be super bad at directions.

One certain benefit of running is that when time passes you get to know all the ‘nooks and crannies’ of your neighborhood.

“Running is a great way to explore your city.”

3. All you can eat

When you go running 3 times a week that means you probably burn more calories.

Burning more calories means having to eat more.

Eating more also means you can give in to your favorite food cravings a bit more.

“My ‘dessert-stomach’ is super happy with our agreement on this.”

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