Crazy, quirky, fun and a little odd

Collecting postcards doesn’t sound like an exciting hobby, but let me tell you why it is.
Crazy card collection

Why postcards?

Postcards possess the perfect format for endless design possibilities. Forming an unlimited source of inspiration. Each postcard holds a little zeitgeist of a moment in time within society.
1. They’re the epitome of Graphic Design

Their quirky, bright, odd, humorous, sad, functional, or simple design holds something mesmerizing. While also being very functional and cheap makes them a great way for a designer to pick up a little inspiration on the move.

“The beautiful, the ugly and the ├╝ber touristy ones.”

2. They pack light

No need to scavenger hunt for big bulky souvenirs while traveling. Postcards are a great way to adapt to your ‘light packing’ travels.

“The only good reason to be flat and cheap, is when you're a postcard”

2. They hold memories photos can’t contain

Postcards capture a whole different memory of the places you have visited. They channel a whole different level of connection to place, memory, and emotion. Especially if you write on them and post them to yourself (great tip).

“Capturing a glimpse of the designers' wits”

Some of my favorites

I love receiving postcards

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