Getting some vitamin-tree

After work, I love to go offscreen and be surrounded by nature. In 2018 this resulted in becoming a nature guide in National Park the Biesbosch. I learned loads about Botanics, flora and fauna, culture, and the natural history of the Biesbosch.
Nature guide

Why I am a nature guide

1. Leveling-up presentation skills

As a nature guide, I give guided walking tours for groups of up to 25 people. Families, couples, elderly couples, youngsters and groups are varied and you need to entertain them with your knowledge about nature and all that they can see while walking around or on a short boat trip.

“Gaining skills and confidence in: storytelling, attracting people's attention and speaking up in front of a crowd.”

2. Loving the outdoors

Being a nature guide is a good reason to get myself into nature more often. Wind, rain, or snow there is no such thing as ‘bad’ weather. Every time I venture outdoors I learn more about plants, animals, and nature.

“You'll find me photographing leaves, a lot.”

3. Sharing fun facts

I love sharing my knowledge with other people. Wrapping up ‘golden nuggets’ of knowledge into fun facts of edutainment (learning that is both educational and enjoyable) to pique the interest of people is what I like most about being a guide. My day can’t get any better if people go home with a bit more knowledge of nature than before.

“Did you know wombats have square shaped poo?”

Fun facts of nature

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